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From the moment you step into our 10,000 square-foot facility, you will be transported into another world. You’re invited to forget and escape from daily stress and anxiety. Make Wine With Us is designed to be the educational and fun way to experience winemaking. In a series of fun-filled months you will: make new friends, share remarkable memories, and become a winemaking expert. It’s time to turn your love of wine into a new hobby - and a positive experience in your daily life.


We built Make Wine With Us with the simple goal of bringing wine expertise to anyone. Our beginner level courses are designed to be easy to follow. Qualified instructors - and passionate oenophiles - guide hands-on sessions, eager to impart their expertise. No matter your level of experience or knowledge - Make Wine With us ensures a fun and engaging learning atmosphere.

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Winemaking is a fulfilling life-long hobby that is sure to further your appreciation of one of the world’s oldest art forms. Regardless of your knowledge of wine, our exhilarating classes will leave you with expert knowledge in a fascinating field. Our classes are in a league of their own. Hands-on sessions are not just instructional but an inviting social event as well. Our communal, party-like atmosphere allows students to learn from each other while truly enjoying the finer aspects of winemaking. Be prepared to leave our winemaking class with unique winemaking experiences: lifelong friendships, comparing wines with certified judges, and enjoying local wine circles for years to come.


Make Wine With Us offers more than just the fundamentals of selecting the perfect varietal for your winemaking. We offer a series of hands-on winemaking classes that provide our students with a unique opportunity to learn the age-old winemaking hobby with state-of-the-art techniques.

Our qualified instructors ensure every bottle of wine you make is to the highest of standards, allowing your wine to have its own distinctive personality. The perfect mix of the right grapes, timely crushing and pressing, precise racking, and careful bottling. There is no detail too small when it comes to ensuring you learn the subtleties of the winemaking experience.