Discover Your Vintage

Make Wine With Us features a variety of wine grapes from a range of regions for our seasonal pressings. We proudly feature Chilean and South African grapes for our Spring Season Pressings. While our Fall Season Pressings feature Californian and Italian grapes. From the pressing to the bottling, your final vintage will be worth the wait!


We source high quality, fresh wine grapes from the Curico Valley in Chile. As one of the oldest wine regions in the country, the Curico Valley features a Mediterranean climate and alluvial soil perfect for red wines.

The coastal range creates a pronounced daytime/nighttime temperature difference that allows for added flavor and aroma development.


South Africa


South Africa relatively recent wine boom focuses on high quality wine production with a modern, scientific touch. Combining traditional methods with modern techniques of irrigation, filtration, and trellising, South Africa’s hybrid soft, fleshier wines are finding success in markets around the world.


One of the largest wine producing regions in the world, California, and its distinctive wine grapes feature in our Fall Pressings. Our fresh wine grapes hail from the North and Central Coasts, known for producing award winning wines and vineyards. We proudly feature grapes from the Central Valley region, the oldest wine-producing region in California, known for its red wine varietals.




We feature Italian wines made with juice imported directly from the Piedmont (Piemonte) and Tuscan regions, known for their bright, ruby-red color and fruity tones. The Piedmont region is known for being one of the world’s finest wine regions and is famous for its tannic, floral reds. Romantic Tuscany is one of the most famous wine regions in the world and is known for a variety of iconic red and white wines. Limited Quantities Available.