02.06 - 30.06


June Barrel Tasting

It’s finally here! Taste the journey your wine has made from vine to bottle. This is one of Make Wine With Us’ most popular events. You won’t want to miss it. Reservations not required. Date and Times to still be determined.


Make Wine With Us is thrilled to have you join us during this wine tasting event. Our wine experts are here to ensure you have a fun-filled afternoon. Whether you are visiting with a group or alone, you’ll feel part of the family. 

Join us in making new memories as you explore your winemaking hobby. We can’t wait to share the wine making experience with you. 

Date and time to still be determined. Reservations not required.

John Jr Gizzi


You’ll get a sneak peek at how the wine is progressing. This is the perfect time to meet other wine enthusiasts and ask questions. What to expect: You’ll see the barrels where all the magic is happening You’ll taste the wines as they’re still aging You’ll be able to taste the wine’s tannins (expect a bitter taste that can make your tongue feel dry) and a hint of your wine’s character You’ll learn more about wine and the winemaking process Lastly, you’ll have fun in this educational, and tasty, event