01.05 - 31.05


Arrival of the Grapes from Chile & South Africa

Make Wine With Us features a variety of wine grapes from a range of regions for our seasonal pressings. We proudly feature Chilean and South African grapes for our Spring Season Pressings. Arriving in May. Dates to be determined.


As one of the oldest wine regions in the country, the Curico Valley in Chile features a Mediterranean climate and alluvial soil perfect for red wines.

South Africa focuses on high-quality wine production with a modern, scientific touch. These soft, fleshier wines are finding success in markets around the world.

No matter your choice, from the pressing to the bottling, your final vintage will be worth the wait!

Arriving in May. Dates to be determined.

John Jr Gizzi


You will schedule a time to join us in the Make Wine With Us facility to crush your grapes. This is the perfect time to plan your press date, which is typically 7 days after you crush your grapes. Your Crushing Appointment: You’ll get to check-in for your crushing and continue with your payment. You’ll also get to schedule your pressing date, if you have not done so already. Crushing your grapes involves pouring the crates into the destemmer. Don’t worry! You won’t have to stomp on any grapes! Sadly, we don’t use the iconic “I Love Lucy Method”in our facility. Grapes are crushed and destemmed at the same time by a specialized crusher-destemmer machine. As your chosen grapes are crushed, they will fall through cylinder perforations in the machine, which will allow the stems to pass out at the end. For white wines, the juice will be separated from the skins and seeds immediately after crushing. Last, you’ll then get to add the yeast to your crushed grapes. Before you leave the facility, we will go over what you can expect during the week leading up to your pressing.