01.05 - 31.05


Pressing Of The Fall Grapes

A fun hands-on-experience at Make Wine With Us. It’s time to press your grapes and continue your winemaking journey! May. Schedule your date with us during your crushing.


The pressing of the grapes is a fun, hands-on part of your winemaking journey.

Your crushed grapes have already gone through crushing and destemming. The pressing will allow the collection of the free-run juice. 

Our winemaking experts will be on hand to answer your questions. 

May. Dates to be scheduled one-on-one.

John Jr Gizzi


First, the free-run juice is pumped into your barrel. Your crushed grapes go through our state-of-the-art hydraulic press. This will allow for further pressed juice to be forced out through perforations and into your barrel. Thanks to the fermentation process, the grape skin will be less slippery, allowing for more free-run juice to be collected. Remember, we winemakers are a meticulous bunch! We will continue to taste our wine at all stages of the pressing process.